10 Fictional Rides That Bring Out The Little Kid In All Of Us

Article Written by : Legendary Videos

#4.  Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

It is probably the butt-ugliest car on the list.  It looks like it was built in a tweakers garage and they just threw together whatever they had lying around and then called it a car.  What makes this car freaking incredible is the one unique feature that no other car has — it can fly!  Literally, it can sprout wings and take off, flying through the air with the greatest of ease.  But, if flying isn’t impressive enough for you, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang can also transform into a boat that is completely sea-worthy.  Something that you might not know is that the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is based on the children’s book, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:  The Magical Car” which is written by Ian Flemming who is best known for creating James Bond.  In 1964, Flemming had a major heart attack and while he was recovering he decided to turn the bedtime stories he had been telling his son Casper, into a book for children.  This book became Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:  the story of the adventures of inventor Commander Caractacus Potts, his wife Mimsie, their two children Jeremy and Jemima and the wonderful Chitty Bang Bang car which could float on water and even fly!

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